QR codes on product labels: Getting detailed information about a product helps you make an informed purchasing decision

When developing our service we began with the concept that the more reliable information you have about a product, the more informed your decision will be when making a purchase. As a result, you'll be more satisfied with your purchase.

It can sometimes be very difficult to pick a specific product when you're at the store (and we all know that most purchasing decisions regarding specific products are made right in the store). We have a hard time making a decision because there are so many similar products that all look virtually identical. You can always ask an employee to help you make up your mind, but, first of all, not every store has employees who can answer your questions, second, unfortunately, employees aren't always any more knowledgeable about the area that interests you than you are, and third, thanks to incentive programs employees are often more likely to insist on a product from the manufacturer that's in their own best interest rather than yours.

We've created our service to help you make an informed decision.

The essence of our service is very simple: manufacturers and distributors use the TrustThisProduct service to create special websites for their products, then use QR-codes to generate links to the websites for their products, so you can quickly and easily scan a QR-code with your smartphone at the store and get detailed information about that product.

If you want, you can also post a review or comment to a manager at the manufacturer who is directly responsible for the product in question. You no longer have to look for the manufacturer's contact information -- a contact person is just one click away.

If you like a product and you want to tell your friends about it you can also do this easily on social networks such as Facebook or Google+ or on Twitter.

Manufacturers often place links in their product descriptions that lead to user instructions and the addresses of service centers, so our service will be of use to you even after your purchase is complete. You don't have to spend hours looking for instruction manuals on your bookshelf or online -- just one click, and you have all the information you could ever need about your product.

Our service also allows you to confirm the authenticity of a product (many, though not all, manufacturers take advantage of this opportunity). There is a special number located under the QR-code on every product just for this purpose. This number should match the number displayed on the website that opens when you scan the QR-code.

QR codes on product labels

Now if you see a QR-code with the words "TrustThisProduct" you'll know about the opportunities you'll have access to if you scan that code. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with a camera and access to the internet, as well as any free program for scanning QR-codes.

We wish you lots of successful and truly necessary purchases, and we'll be thrilled if our service helps you make this happen.


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