TrustThisProduct®: Usage scenarios

A consumer report with complete and accurate information about your products

The TrustThisProduct® service helps you in bringing consumers with complete and accurate information about your product. You provide the service with information about your product, its detailed description, recommendations, use, and storage. Through the service’s server, TrustThisProduct.com publicizes the information about your products on the Internet.

QR codes on productsFor your customers to access the information directly when physically with the product, service application suggests using QR codes on the products. Consumers using a smartphone and free software for reading QR Codes, have access to information about your product. Software recognition of QR codes is free and is submitted to all manufacturers of mobile devices. For example, if you have a smartphone without software to recognize QR Codes, you just type a shortened link address to our service QR9.me into your smartphone’s browser to download it (for more details visit https://qrcode.trustthisproduct.com/what-is-a-qr-code-en.html).

The system supports the automatic detection of the user’s language group according to the ISO 639-1 standard and displays product information in the most relevant language (given that you’ve added a description in this language to the service).

The service fully implements functions for managing information about your products, generating labels for your samples with embedded QR codes, tracking marketing (e.g., sex, age, language) and location data of consumers who scan QR codes. All QR codes are dynamic; hence, when you change product information, you just enter the information into our service, which updates the description without the need to change QR codes on products.

Consumer Feedback of the manufacturer and circulation of product descriptions on social media

When you add a description of your product, you can specify a manager’s email to receive feedback about the product from your consumers. Depending on the language of the product description, you can specify the emails of various managers, so that they can work with their language groups. When scanning the QR code, a special "Send Feedback" button will appear when a consumer has an open link on their smartphone of the product description, which once clicked will allow the consumer to quickly and easily share with your manager their opinion on your product while concealing the email address of your manager from the customer.

By processing the feedback received, you can develop your product, taking into account the customer’s opinion.

On the pages with the description of your product, there are social network buttons available that, if the customer liked your product, he will be able to share with "One-Click” the description of your product with familiar and friends through the social networks (Facebook, Google+,Twitter).

Also in the description of your products is implemented a button "I recommend" of the social network Facebook. This button combines the recommendations of customers received both during the scanning of QR codes and on catalog pages TrustThisProduct. Making the choice, customers will see that many social network users recommend your product and that will encourage customers to buy it. At the same time, if the customer enjoys your product himself and will push the button "I recommend", his friends in the social network will get not just a mention of your product, but a prepared a detailed description. It will lead both to the growth of popularity of your product and increase of awareness of your brand. In this way, your products will be able to become an independent additional free channel of advertising just settling on the store shelf.

The collection of data that shows the location of places of sales and marketing data on consumers interested in your product (e.g., age, gender, language)

When consumers scan the QR-code on your product, they transmitted the following data to the service: age group, language, gender, location (geographic coordinates and language group are determined according to the user's device, age and sex are indicated by the user, the first scan QR-code created by our service for any product, not necessarily yours. All data is processed in an anonymized form in accordance with the Privacy Policy Service TrustThisProduct®).

Monitoring of QR codes scanning geography

Marketing analysis will reveal which consumers are interested in your products as a whole and the differences in demand for different types of goods at each point of sale (in this case to give consumers information based on their sex, age, language). Comparing the data with the data on the volume of sales and marketing activities undertaken will make it possible to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the marketing strategy and the "point" to improve its effectiveness. For example, you can see exactly what the interest of the audience is and in what regions to affect your advertising activities. Or by comparing the scanned data of various types of goods, it is possible to identify exactly what causes the greatest demand among consumers for your products.

Collection of marketing data during QR codes scanning (sex, age, language)

All marketing data is collected separately for each product and from each QR code for this product. Data is provided both in the form of online reports and as PDF or XLS files for offline analysis.

However, there is only one problem with this method: the modest amount of scanned QR-codes from buyers at the point of sale. Now, many companies place QR-codes on their products, but there is little interest for buyers to scan these codes because most of them do not offer benefits they can reap for themselves, they require the use of application to read the QR-code, or they just do not realize what a QR-code is and how to use it. In most cases, the company does not draw attention to the QR-codes in their products and the QR-codes often just include within them a link to a website. The company rarely uses this method to deliver new information to consumers. To increase the number of scans, it is necessary to seriously encourage buyers to take advantage of this offer.

To solve the problem of stimulating consumers to scan QR Codes on the goods you need, first off, create an informative and appealing label containing the QR code, and second off, provide a sufficient range of options that consumers get when they scan the QR code. When the service TrustThisProduct implements from the point of view of the consumer it is based on the following features:

  • a complete and accurate information about the product
  • confirmation of a product’s authenticity
  • Feedback for the manufacturer

What is the margin of error for the data?

When processing the data obtained by the marketing services of TrustThisProduct®, you must take into account two very important factors. First, you need to pay attention to some inaccuracy of the data obtained as a result of any marketing study (margin of error). Secondly, you need to determine the minimum sample data that will analyze the information (sample size). In the table below, we have systemized both of these options, taking into account the generally socially accepted concepts.

Margin of Error







Sample Size







As to the question of error and the minimum sample marketing research data, many papers have covered this subject and a number of them can be found at these links: http://www.measuringu.com/survey-sample-size.php, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margin_of_error

As can be seen from the table, to obtain full marketing data requires a certain minimum number of respondents. When entering the qualitative information about the product and attracting the attention of buyers to the QR code on a product, that is, in stimulating customers to obtain information about the product, you can analyze the data on virtually every point of sale. For example, if the margin of error of 10% is sufficient, then a sample of 60 respondents will suffice for a full analysis of marketing data for each point of sale of a product from your company. At the same time, selective collection of the data analysis of macro-regions (e.g., city, region, country) will be much higher and will bring the error of the data to a minimum.

Protection against counterfeit products

On the servers of TrustThisProduct.com, for each unit of your product, a unique web page is created, where anything additional is stored according to the unique serial number of the product. The same serial number is listed under the QR-Code to be applied to the product and the QR code for each unit of production will be unique. After scanning the QR-code, the user must compare the serial number on a webpage number listed under the QR-code. They must be the same.

Protection against counterfeit products with QR codes

In this way, the buyer in addition to being online receives all the details of this particular product, they also receive a confirmation that this information refers specifically to the unit of your product, which in turn affects the customer’s overall confidence in your products.

We are not saying that this method 100% guarantees protection of your product from counterfeiting. As currently a 100% protection guarantee is not possible, the only question is what resources will be necessary in order to get around this protection. Therefore, our task is to introduce these methods of protection, which on one hand make it economically impractical to bypass this protection, and on the other hand, do not occupy a significant share of the cost of the product.

Since each link and serial number is unique to each unit of product, it will be possible to forge only one unit of product by copying the QR-code from one unit to another. Bulk copying is out of the question because either all units of the product will have the same serial numbers or they will need to have access to all the parts of your product and copy each unit of product, thereby causing a major impact on the cost of counterfeiting.

At the expense of generating data for specific sales regions, sales networks or a particular user, you can limit the points of sale where the serial number is valid. To improve the efficiency of this method for single products, holographic or self-destructive film can be used for printing labels.

Also, tracking location data scans allows you to monitor the phenomenon of gray import and re-export of your products. With records of scans performed separately for each production batch, it becomes possible to monitor the passage of distribution channels through which the QR codes are subjected to copy (there is a counterfeit product).

Separately, we want to emphasize that the use of unique QR Codes is of great use in increasing the competitiveness of your product. You make it clear to the buyer that your product is so good that you are taking steps to protect it. And in the eyes of consumers, this will give the uniqueness of each one of your products by selecting it among a plurality of the same type and thereby raise its value. This action will have an effect even if the consumer does not scan the QR code, and will only physically see it.

Increasing the competitiveness of your product

Appendix A: Usage scenarios

An FMCG manufacturer

Key possibilities:

  • Can quickly and easily deliver information about their products to the consumer;
  • Can set up an efficient feedback channel with the consumer;
  • Can conduct marketing research online without additional expenses;
  • Can highlight the key differentiators of their products;
  • Can set up an additional inexpensive online advertising channel.

Manufacturer of exclusive products

Key possibilities:

  • Possibility to communicate information about their products in a simple and accessible form;
  • Possibility to organize a channel for consumers’ feedback;
  • Possibility to conduct marketing research online without additional expenses;
  • Possibility to protect their brand;
  • Possibility to assess the territory of distribution of each product batch (unit);
  • Possibility to customize a product/product batch for a customer or distributor.


QR codes are used in printed materials (bulletins, magazines) and on billboards.
Key possibilities:

  • Provision of additional information on products without considerably increasing the ad block area;
  • Possibility to conduct marketing research online;
  • Possibility to conduct advertising efficiency analysis based on code scans in different geographic regions (city, region, country).

Appendix B: Technical Requirements for Using Our Service

For manufacturers: any computer with a web browser, access to the Internet, and a label printing device or other device for attaching information to the product.
For consumers: any smartphone or tablet with a web browser and mobile Internet; if the manufacturer uses QR codes, then any free software for scanning QR codes will be required (available on Google Market or in the Apple Store).

Appendix C: Cost to Use the Service

Small Business
Access to the Service
Maintenance fee
589 US$ / year
4989 US$ / year
Online product description management
Product description page distribution from the TrustThisProduct.com servers to the internet
Custom feedback feature
General QR code generation
Classified QR code generation
Unique QR code generation
Not Available
Collection of registration data during QR codes scanning
Not Available
Monitoring of QR codes scanning geography
Not Available
Collection of marketing data during QR codes scanning (gender, age, language)
Not Available
Access to the service with the use a digital signature
Not Available
Not Available
Personal manager (english-speaking)
Not Available
Not Available

Prices do not include tax.

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