Privacy Policy of TrustThisProduct® for its Purchasers' Section (trustthisproduct.com)

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the "Policy") shall apply to information that PVCode LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation (OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1083327002494), may obtain from Users while they use the TrustThisProduct® service in its Purchasers' Section at trustthisproduct.com.

General Provisions

The main terms used herein are as follows:

"Service" means all services of TrustThisProduct® in its Purchasers' Section at trustthisproduct.com.

"User" means a visitor of trustthisproduct.com that receives product information posted in the Service.

"Manufacturer" means the manufacturer of products.

Privacy Policy Provisions

By using this Service, the User fully accepts this Policy, and, in case of not accepting the current Policy, the User shall immediately stop using the Service.

All changes in the Policy are reflected in the amendments hereto and shall enter into force after posting the new version of this Policy in the relevant section of the Service.

This Policy shall not cover any details about the User, which could become known to the Service from public sources.

The Service shall use cookie files to improve the speed of operation and User experience.

The Service administration shall have the right to store visit log information on the Service’s server.

The Service stores, processes, and transfers to the Manufacturer for marketing research purposes the following User data:
language group (as determined by the User's browser language),
age (specified by the User; if the User refuses to provide this information, these data shall not be processed),
gender (specified by the User; if the User refuses to provide this information, these data shall not be processed),
geographic coordinates at the location of scanning the QR code (based on data provided by the GPS/GLONASS receiver in the mobile device of the User, if the User allows these data to be obtained, or based on the IP address of the User's Internet provider).

All User data shall be stored, processed, and transferred in impersonal (anonymous) form.

If the User decides to submit to the Manufacturer his/her contact information first name, last name, e-mail, telephone, etc.) when providing feedback to the Manufacturer, these data will be available to the Manufacturer; however, the Service shall not store and compare these data.

This document can be made in several languages; however, in case of any discrepancy between the versions of this Policy in different languages: If the User is a resident of the Russian Federation, then the provisions of the Russian version shall apply; in all other cases, the provisions of the English version shall apply.

Any suggestions or questions about this Policy should be directed to the following e-mail address: contact@pvcode.com.

Date of publication: December 10, 2014

Copyright © 2014-2016, PVCode LLC

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